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Introduction of Sokcho

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Legal grounds for local autonomous business

Business range of local self-governing body

  • A local self-governing body shall handle businesses that belong to the local self-governing body in accordance with the autonomous business and law of the jurisdiction.
  • The following are examples of businesses of the local self-governing body according to the number 1 regulation. However, if a law defines differently, the law shall be followed.

Businesses regarding jurisdiction, organization, and administration of the local self-governing body

  • Adjusting name, location, and district of the administrative district in the jurisdiction
  • Establishing and scraping of rules and regulations, and its operation and management
  • Managing subordinate administrative bodies
  • Guiding and directing subordinate administrative bodies
  • Personnel, welfare, and education of public officials
  • Levying and collecting local taxes and other income
  • Budget planning and operation, audit inspection and property management
  • Management of administrative equipment, administrative computerization, and improvement of administrative management
  • Mutual property management
  • Family registration and resident registration management
  • Surveys and creating statistics which are necessary for the local self-governing body

Businesses regarding resident's welfare

  • Businesses for resident's welfare
  • Installation, operation and management of social welfare facilities
  • Protection and support of the needy
  • Protection and welfare for the elderly, children, the handicapped, teenagers, and women
  • Installation and operation of health care facilities
  • Prevention of infectious diseases and other diseases
  • Operation and management of burial plots (tombs), cremation facilities, and charnel houses
  • Regulations for sanitation in restaurants
  • Cleaning, collection and treatment of waste10) Establishment and operation of local public corporations

Businesses regarding industry promotion: agriculture, commerce and industry

  • Installation and management of agricultural water facilities
  • Support for production and distribution of agriculture, livestock and fisheries
  • Management of agricultural equipment
  • Operation and regulation of income business other than agriculture
  • Promotion farm's subsidiary businesses
  • Management of public forests of
  • Livestock development and dairy farming promotion
  • Prevention of livestock infectious diseases
  • Promotion and support of local industry
  • Consumer protection and promotion of conservation
  • Promotion of small and medium businesses
  • Development, promotion, and support of local specialty industries
  • Development of superior local products and development of folk crafts

Businesses regarding local development and the installation and management of resident's living facilities

  • Local development projects
  • Implementation of local public works and construction projects
  • Implementation of city improvement projects
  • Building, repairing, and maintaining local roads and city streets
  • Support of living condition improvement
  • Repairing farm village housing and improvement of community environment
  • Nature protection activities
  • Management of streams and rivers
  • Installation and management of water supply and sewage
  • Installation and management of public water supply facilities
  • Installation and management of parks, green areas, tourist & leisure facilities
  • Management of local railroad businesses
  • Installation and management of transportation facilities including parking lots and traffic signs
  • Planning and execution of natural disaster prevention
  • Promotion and support of the local economy

Businesses regarding the promotion of education, sports, culture, and art

  • Establishment, operation, and regulation of various schools: nurseries, preschools, kindergartens, elementary, middle, and high schools
  • Establishment and management of libraries, playgrounds, plazas, gymnasiums, museums, performance halls, galleries, concert halls, public education, sports, cultural facilities, etc.
  • Designation, preservation, and management of local cultural properties
  • Promotion of local culture and art
  • Nurturing local culture and art organization

Businesses regarding local civil defense and fire prevention

  • Organizing, operating, guiding, and supervising local and corporate civil defense organizations (including volunteer fire departments)
  • Fire prevention and protection
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