Introduction of Sokcho 아이콘

Introduction of Sokcho

Welcome sokcho English

City flag

  • City flag
    • Creatively expressing the various tourist resources of Sokcho, it shows Sokcho as a cozy and pleasant world-famous tourist city in warm and bright colors.


  • Haeomi
    • Overall, it symbolizes the clean nature of Sokcho in clear green color tones. Using the image of squids, which are the specialty of Sokcho, the character has a dynamically shaped head, and contains the image of a sunrise, delivering a friendly and cute feeling. In the clean and innocent face of the Sokcho character, we can enjoy the nature of the city, continuity, and a bright and hopeful future.

City tree

  • Ginkgo
    • The stem that stretches straight up symbolizes the spirit of the citizens, and the branches that spread wide indicate the development of the region as well as the wish that the city continues to develop and be protected for a long time.

City flower

  • Chrysanthemum
    • Chrysanthemums are so resilient that they are apt to represent our enterprising spirit well. Blooming in fall, Chrysanthemums indicate the spirit of the citizens who wish for wealth, prosperity, stability, and reunion, as well as the resilience of the citizens who rise above challenge.

City bird

  • Dove
    • Doves represent peace and a peaceful reunion. As gregarious birds, they also represent the union of the citizens.
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